Collection: Dewkes Own

Introducing Dewkes Own Brand Dog Treats and Dry Dog Food – the perfect way to show your pooch just how much you care about them! With our unique selection of treats, snacks and dry dog food, your four-legged family member will never be left wanting for delicious options for mealtime.

Our grain-free range of dishes is specially formulated with sweet potato and potato, making it suitable for those with grain intolerance or sensitivity. Your pup will have a variety of mealtime options they’ll adore with flavors like Salmon & Trout, Very Venison, Duck a l'orange, or Pork Dinner. Plus, our healthy treats are sure to put a smile on their face too!

So why not make this mealtime an experience your pup won’t soon forget? Let them enjoy the wonderful tastes of Dewkes Own Brand Dog Treats and Dry Dog Food – because who deserves it more than your furry best friend?