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Birthday Gift - Dewkes Gourmet Dog Snack Takeaway Box

Birthday Gift - Dewkes Gourmet Dog Snack Takeaway Box

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Birthday Gift - Dewkes Gourmet Dog Snack Takeaway Box

Make your dog's birthday extra special with Dewkes - the indulgent at-home treat experience for your beloved pooch! As you celebrate their special day, give your loyal companion a gourmet takeaway treat of their own. With Dewkes, they get a mix of the finest, all-natural canine delights, each carefully curated for flavour, health, and enjoyment.

Inside Your Dewkes Birthday Takeaway Tray:

  • Fishy Bites: Dive deep into deliciousness with these fish-infused morsels, packed with protein and unbeatable flavour.
  • Chicken Jerky: Sourced from 100% chicken breast, these chewy strips are savoury, succulent, and undeniably irresistible.
  • Beefy Stick: Our beef tendon sticks are both tasty and great for a lasting chew, ensuring satisfaction with every bite.
  • Porky Scratchings: Offering a crunchy bite, these 100% pork delights are a favourite among canine treat lovers.

Why Choose Dewkes for Your Pooch's Birthday?

  • Pure & Wholesome: We're committed to purity. Our treats are grain-free, gluten-free, and free from artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.
  • Dental Health Bonus: Our treats don't just tantalize the taste buds – they help maintain dental hygiene by promoting natural chewing action.

A Thoughtful Birthday Gift for Dog Lovers

Make every birthday a delightful event. With Dewkes, each treat time becomes a cherished moment of bonding, taste, and love. Perfect for birthdays – let your dog dive into a gourmet experience today!

Don't wait – give the gift of gourmet treats to your furry friend on their special day! 🐾


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