About Us

🐾 Welcome to Dewkes - Your Local, Family-Run Pet Store in Mumbles, Gower Peninsula

From the heart of the stunning Gower Peninsula in Mumbles, James and Jane Bygate introduced Dewkes Pet Store to the world in January 2021, aiming to merge high-quality pet nutrition and a warm community spirit under one woof...oops, roof!

The Dewkes Journey: Tail-Wagging Good Times From Our Pet Shop to Your Home

Your journey through Dewkes, whether in-store or through our online pet shop, promises more than just access to premium, nutritious dog treats and chews. Dewkes sprouted as a sanctuary, where pets and owners alike could find joy, quality products, and an ever-welcoming atmosphere, largely attributed to our canine companions and store mascots, Duke and Winnie.

More Than a Pet Store: A Community and A Lifestyle

“Happy Dog, Happy Customer” - a simple yet potent philosophy that propelled our local Mumbles pet store into a warm and inviting presence within the hospitality industry. We've entwined the unbreakable bond between pets and owners, ensuring every member of your family experiences joy and comfort during social and dining outings in hospitality venues across Wales.

Quality Welsh Pet Products Delivered Nationally

Embodying the charming spirit of Wales and the inviting ambiance of Dewkes, our carefully curated Takeaway Boxes of dog treats extend a piece of our boutique experience into homes nationwide. Each box, whether ordered online or purchased in-store, is a chapter of the Dewkes story, connecting our family to yours through every bite, chew, and nibble.

Explore, Celebrate, and Become a Part of the Dewkes Family

As you explore our offerings, either through our online pet shop or in our Mumbles store, you are warmly invited to be part of a story where every product echoes tales from Mumbles, meticulous craftsmanship, and gentle, affectionate nudges from Duke and Winnie.

Join Us in a Heartening Adventure with Dewkes: Where Every Nibble Tells a Story of Quality, Love, and Community.

Meet James and Jane: The Heart Behind Dewkes

Immerse yourself in a world where passion for animals and business intersect, and meet James and Jane, the soulful directors of Dewkes. James, an accountant with a lifelong admiration for animals and dreams tinted with veterinary aspirations, has seamlessly entwined his expertise with his love for furry friends, exemplified by his companions, Duke and Winnie.

Jane, meanwhile, embarks on this journey with the rich, authentic essence of growing up amid Gower’s farms and animals, interwoven with a playful, nurturing spirit and a loving jest towards family life. Together, they meld James’s business acumen with Jane’s inherent nature bond, crafting a unique, heartfelt journey through Dewkes.

In every product and moment shared here, discover the echoes of their unified journey, passion, and the hope that this legacy blossoms through generations, with their children, Daniel and Emily, and every cherished customer and their pet being part of this beautiful tapestry. Welcome to Dewkes - where every tail wag and treat shared is a snippet of James and Jane’s heartfelt story.

Do you have questions about how we can help you?

Give us a call 01792 986163 or send us an email at info@dewkes.co.uk and we’ll get in touch shortly.