Are KONG Classic toys safe for dogs?

Are KONG Classic toys safe for dogs?

Are KONG Classic toys safe for dogs?

Heard of the KONG Classic and thinking of giving one to your dog?

Wondering if they’re safe for your pooch?


Take a look at our essential guide and find out everything you need to know about these popular dog toys…


What is a KONG Classic?

They’re rubber toys that look something like a snowman, with a hollow centre that allows you to fill them with treats or your dog’s food.


So, it’s a chew toy and a puzzle toy in one. The outside can be chewed and your dog must work out how to get the tasty food out of the middle.


So, are they safe?

Yes, they are. The rubber used is non-toxic and it’s tailored to your dog’s age and how much he or she chews.

Basic KONG toys come in four sizes: KONG puppy; KONG classic; KONG senior; KONG extreme.


The puppy version is made from the softest rubber so it’s ideal for a puppy’s teeth and gums. The classic is the best fit for most dogs and the senior version has soft rubber, perfect for dogs who are a little long in the tooth.

For dogs who just love to chew, the extreme version is built to cope with their bite.


The wider KONG range also has balls covered in felt that won’t wear down a dog’s teeth, flyers, puppy tires, tooth-cleaning play bones, and flip-up treat toys.


What are the benefits of giving a KONG toy to your dog?

KONG chew toys will give your dog hours of entertainment and fun, and you can even clean them in the dishwasher.


Not only are they safe for your dog to chew, but they’ll stop your dog from becoming bored and help them work off their excess energy.


And you know what we say – happy dogs mean happy owners!


Do they help owners with breeds that love to chew?

Yes, they do. Some breeds like Border Collies, Labradors, Beagles, Jack Russells, Golden Retrievers, and Chihuahuas are known for their love of chewing anything they can get their teeth into.


Some are herding dogs, others are dogs used to having things in their mouths like retrievers, while some smaller breeds can become bored because owners underestimate their need for entertainment.


KONG toys help them work off that chewing energy. And let’s face it, if they’re chewing a KONG toy, they’re not chewing your Jimmy Choo shoes!


Can KONG toys help in crate training your dog?

They can indeed. Giving your dog a KONG toy while they’re in the crate keeps them occupied and allows you to leave the house or go upstairs to bed knowing they’re not bored and pining for you.


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