Dewkes Snacks for Dogs - For Dogs with A Social Life

Situated in Southwest Wales, Dewkes Snacks for Dogs combines
innovative pet care and hospitality offerings. Specialising in 100% natural,
long-lasting and hypoallergenic snacks, Dewkes caters meticulously to the
interactive lifestyle of dogs and their owners. This dedication stems from a
deep understanding of pet dynamics, perfected over years of expertise in the
pet industry.

The hallmark of Dewkes is its hospitality range,
thoughtfully designed to serve dual purposes. For stockists, it opens new
revenue channels, tapping into a market of health-conscious pet owners seeking
premium experiences for their dogs. The range not only enhances customer
loyalty but also significantly extends dwell times in venues, embodying a
win-win scenario for businesses and consumers alike.

Craftsmanship and quality are at the heart of Dewkes’ retail
products, allowing pet owners to bring the same exceptional experience into
their homes. These products are ideally suited for a variety of dog-friendly
venues, from charming farm shops and delis to vibrant coffee shops and
gastropubs. Dewkes’ commitment to the 'Happy Dog, Happy Customer' philosophy is
evident in every product, reinforcing the bond between pets and their owners in
both public spaces and the comfort of home.


Each box comes ready to be placed on the counter ready for sale and top ups are simple so you can keep the box full, for more information or to ask any questions, please contact us for wholesale prices
- 01792 986163  -

Product Wholesale Price RRP
25 Piece Individually Wrapped Mixed Snacks for Dogs POA £69.20
Beefy Stick Top Up Box POA £70.00
Fishy BitesTop Up Box POA £59.00
Chicken Jerky Top Up Box POA £59.00
Porky Scratchings Top Up Box POA £59.00
Eco Friendly Poo Bags Top Up Box POA £29.80

"What a great idea, they sell really well with no added overhead for my staff. They increase may taking per head and the customer love them. The dogs just lay and chew so no hassel for me, my staff or the customers"

Dave - Cafe Owner - Swansea

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Dewkes Snacks For Dogs

Dewkes Snacks for Dogs, produces 100% natural, long-lasting snacks for socially active dogs. Their hospitality range, offers dual benefits: opening new revenue avenues for stockists and enhancing customer retention. Tailored for diverse dog-friendly settings like farm shops, delis, cafes, and gastropubs, The Dewkes brand promotes 'Happy Dog, Happy Customer,' experiences.