Why Do Dogs Bury Their Treats?

Why Do Dogs Bury Their Treats?

Have you ever watched your dog disappear into the backyard to find a buried treat or bone? I've seen it happen time and again with my own pup, but what exactly causes this behavior is Interesting.

Keeping Treats Safe

Dogs bury treats because they want to keep them safe and hidden. This is instinctive behavior that dates back to their wild ancestors. By burying their food, dogs can protect it from other animals and make sure they have a meal when they need it.

Stashing For Later

This behavior also allows dogs to stash food for later. If a dog knows it will be getting a treat later, it may bury the treat now so it can save it for later. This is similar to how humans might put away leftovers in the fridge.


There are several breeds that have been bred for their digging skills, such as Terriers and Dachshunds. The Cairn terrier is one of these types because it was originally designed to hunt small game like rabbits or hares; therefore its instincts remain strong even after the passage of time which helps explain why this breed loves nothing more than burying bones!


Digging is a self-soothing behavior that some dogs engage in when they're feeling anxious or stressed. If the dog doesn't feel safe, he'll dig up his food and eat it elsewhere to calm himself down! You may also see more of this type if you have multiple pets living together as well as those who grew up with scarce resources like puppies from mills where there was competition at every turn.


If you don't give your dog enough mental stimulation, they will find other ways to occupy themselves. For example the fun game of stealing a tv remote and burying it in an attempt get our attention (a behavior known as "attention seeking")

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